Monday, June 8, 2015

Gratitude is to Delight

Gratitude is to delight
in simple things
like the juice of a sweet peach
dripping down your chin.

Gratitude is to look
upon all you have before you
and not ask for more, or take
more than what you need.

Gratitude is to see with childlike eyes
the newness of everything;
the surprises life brings.

Gratitude is a dog
lying in the sun with no expectation
that it should shine for him.

Grief overtakes gratitude from time to time,
and forgetting who we are
can make it hard to delight.
But like a gift which reveals itself again and again
we are provided opportunity for
gratitude each day.

When burdened and hurt,
try to delight in what is before you,
but also know that gratitude is sometimes simply
about remembering the last breath you took.

Copyright, G. Powell, 2015